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Trauma-informed workplaces

This may be my most awakening memo that has helped me understand the emotional floundering I experienced in the past year. I am grateful that I am comfortable being vulnerable, as I know I am good enough. What motivates me to share is I know how blessed I am with my financial resources, support systems, and family. But with all my supports, I have struggled, and I know many less fortunate are struggling more. My mission is to become what I teach. Becoming a resilient and emotionally healthy person is a lifelong journey with no goal line. Getting context and putting things into perspective can help this journey along.

For those reading this as a first memo, I started the Dr. Bill Memos to share my mental fitness journey. A significant emotional event in February 2021 rocked my emotional foundation. It opened the door for me to gain insights into how
I am wired, how I react, and how I deal with the world.

The February trauma got me into therapy. Once I was stabilized, I discovered it was not the event that was my problem; it was how I have been living my life based on early trauma. I discovered this event during COVID-19, when living alone in a new city opened a flood of early childhood events. As founder of Gestalt Therapy Fitz Peals taught, one troublesome event can trigger a string of pearls. The event opened the door to traumatic events from my childhood that shaped how I cope and self-protect. My childhood traumatic events range from failing grade two to adoption and emotional neglect that I had buried. Against this background is the trauma of being dyslexic. Every time I write an email, I can be reminded that I am not good at writing.

All the best – Dr. Bill Howatt

Dr. Bill Memo - Chapter 2, Article 4

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