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Sowing the Seeds of Mental Health – All 10 Sessions

Sowing the Seeds of Mental Health – All 10 Sessions

Register for all 10 sessions of Sowing the Seeds of Mental Health, every Tuesday at 3pm – 4pm AST from January 4th to March 8th.

Hourly Schedule

Relationship Survival Guide

January 4th - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Explore relationship realities and the foundations for relationship stability and longevity. You will also hear five tips for building a loving relationship.

Moving Away from Loneliness Starts from Within

January 11th - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Explore how our own thoughts can impact how we experience loneliness. You will learn three steps that you can take to move away from feelings of loneliness.

Transitioning through COVID

January 18th - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Hear about how humans respond to stress and the impact of emotional exhaustion. Understand how our values can help us through a crisis. Learn why fostering hope and creativity are important and learn five tips for creating behaviour change.

Why Mental Health Matters

January 25th - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Learn about mental health in Canada and the difference between mental health and mental illness. Hear about mental fitness and the link between mental fitness, physical health and social connections. Review the mental health continuum and discuss improving personal resilience and coping.

Feeling Less Overwhelmed and Tired

February 1st - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Learn about the formula for feeling overwhelmed and what you can do to manage overwhelmed feelings. Learn how to recognize what is in your control and apply practice tips to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and tired.

Busting Self Stigma

February 8th - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Learn how self-stigma can get in the way of seeking help when we need it. Understand specific steps that you can take to reduce self-stigma and promote help-seeking.

Seasonal Work and Overall Wellness

February 15th - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Learn how seasonal work can impact overall wellness. Learn to recognize signs and symptoms of stress and how it can affect our physical and mental wellbeing. Review five tips for improving your overall wellness.

Tips for Taming Negative Emotions

February 22nd - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Learn how emotions can shape how we show up for ourselves and others. Learn the importance of recognizing negative emotions and five steps you can take to manage negative emotions.

The Benefits of Monitoring Daily Charges and Drains

March 1st - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Learn how to monitor your charges and drains and how external stressors and factors can impact your own personal charge. Understand four tips that can support you in generating a positive charge.

Insulating for Irritability

March 8th - 2022
3pm - 4pm AST
Learn what mental fitness is and what factors can contribute to irritability and signs of becoming irritable. Learn four tips for preventing and moving through irritability.


Jan 11 2022 - Mar 08 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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