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Employee Experience Coaching is a model that is highly dynamic to the needs of an individual organization and strives to help organizations looking to develop and implement a sustainable employee experience strategy.

Coaching key areas of focus

Strategic Foundation

Developing an Employee Experience Strategy as well as the vision, values and mission for internal employee experience committees and governance structure.

Employee Engagement

The development of tactics and strategies for reaching employees and maximizing participation in initiatives.

Psychological Health and Safety Management System (PHSMS) Integration

Defining the processes for reporting and monitoring psychological safety within the workplace (e.g., acts of incivility, harassment). This also includes the integration of preventative, reporting, monitoring, and corrective processes.

Policy review and refinement

Facilitation of policy review process leveraging Howatt HR’s industry best-practice experience.

Program Review / Selection

Facilitation of the organization’s program and support offering review process utilizing Howatt HR’s proprietary program evaluation and selection rubrics.

Action Planning – Governance Structure

Ongoing support and action planning as determined by client need. This includes ongoing problem solving and coaching for various needs (e.g., team focus, strategy refinement, committee development, training, etc.).

Custom Program Design

Howatt HR supports the development of various programs and development in our key areas of focus using the following steps:




Research and Literature Review


Program Framework Development


Program Development






Deliver (Online, In-Person, Train-the-Trainer)

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