Mental Fitness

Help your employees form a mental fitness plan

Howatt HR supports organizations in assessing the current mental fitness of their employees, building of their mental fitness plan, and development of key micro-skills that can charge employee batteries.

The benefits of physical health are well known. Most know the algorithm for physical health: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and lifestyle choices. One universal insight is that to be physically healthy requires intention.

Like physical health, 100% of employees have mental health. Any employee seeking to reduce their risk for mental illness, addictive disorders, burnout, or compassion fatigue will benefit from intentionally focusing on their mental health. But most employees simply do not have a frame of reference for what the algorithm is for mental health. Why? One core reason is a general lack of education of the difference between mental health and mental illness, and of what an employer and employee can do proactively to reduce mental health harm and promote mental health.

These mental fitness products facilitate the opportunity for employers to support their employees as they develop and improve their mental health. To obtain a basic introduction review our Mental Fitness Playbook.

Note: Due to COVID all training is being done via webinar until it is safe to do in-person workshops.

Key Products

  • Mental Fitness Journey
    This program is designed to support employees to facilitate their mental fitness.
  • Mental Fitness Introduction Workshops/Webinars
    The four short courses listed below focus on introducing employees to what they can do to have a positive impact on their mental fitness.

    • Mental Fitness 101
    • The Coping Crisis
    • Stop Hiding and Start Living
    • Mental Tricks
  • Mental Fitness Micro-skills 
    Howatt HR has many different micro-skills that can be selected for a 45-minute webinar. To discover all of the possibilities please get in touch!
    A few examples:

    • Isolation and Loneliness
    • Insulating for anxiety
    • Overwhelmed by the new norm
    • Gratitude
  • Mental Fitness Lab
    This is a digital solution for supporting employees’ mental fitness. Click here for more information about Howatt HR’s Mental Fitness Lab.

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