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A variety of workshops and presentations that are designed to support the employee experience at every level of the organization.

Training topics to choose from

Implementing a Strategy to Support the Employee Experience:

Understand the key principles and interactions between mental health, stress and resilience in the workplace, with a focus on considerations for organizations when building a strategy and anchoring it as a priority.

Behaviour Change 101:

Orient to the foundational elements of behaviour science, how our brain evolution creates a challenge for health behaviours, and what you can do to increase your motivation and adherence.

Foundation to Mental Health, Stress and Resilience:

Understand the key principles of mental health, stress and resilience and what you can do to charge your batter to ensure each person has the energy to thrive on a daily basis.

Micro-skills for building a mental fitness plan:

Discover the key concepts that drive our mental fitness and the micro-skills needed to sustain your charge at work.

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace as People Leaders:

Understand the key factors that can influence employee health and resilience, then identify challenges and opportunities to support employees.

The Respectful Workplace Continuum:

Explore the foundational elements of the respectful workplace continuum, its connection to mental health in the workplace and learn skills to address unresolved conflict.

Psychological Health and Safety Foundation:

Review the foundational elements of psychological health and safety, how to identify workplace hazards, the 5 levels of protection that influence an employee’s risk for psychological harms, as well as micro-skills that can support psychological safety at work.

Considerations for Managing Cannabis in the Workplace:

Examine the impacts of the legalization of cannabis in the workplace and practical insights for managers or leaders who may be questioning how to prudently approach this emerging challenge.

Custom Training

We are always looking to explore new topics and dive into new realms of research. Check out our key areas of focus and our current research projects for inspiration, or feel free to reach out to our team to explore new topics you’d like to see us deliver.

A good example of our most recent custom request, was a workshop on ‘Eco-Anxiety: Considerations for employee’s psychological health’

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