Ready to Return Series

Returning to the Traditional Office Environment

Living through the pandemic has been incredibly hard and returning to a traditional office space comes with mixed emotions, excitement about social connection, and collaboration. Designed to help HR professionals, leaders and employees prepare to return to the workplace; these virtual training sessions provide you with practical skills to help with the transition.

Ready to Return?

Re-igniting a Sense of Meaning and Purpose in a Post-pandemic Workplace

Duration: 60 minutes

Returning to a traditional office space comes with mixed emotions, some excitement about the social connection and the ability to collaborate in a way that Zoom doesn’t allow and some anxiety about how a post-pandemic workplace will look. In this presentation, we will review how living through the pandemic has impacted us and how to move forward successfully through the following stages of the pandemic (e.g., “post-vaccine”). In addition, participants will hear some of the latest empirically based skills and techniques that have been shown to improve well-being and a sense of purpose.

Participants will learn to:

  • Manage return to work anxiety
  • Support social connections to reengage in the office
  • Address and recover from burnout

If you would like a Howatt HR facilitator to deliver one of these sessions as a keynote for your staff town hall or event, we would be happy to help you.

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Duration: 60 Minutes

Living in a pandemic is incredibly hard, and HR professionals have been doing their very best to support employees, managers and colleagues through a constantly changing world of work. In this presentation, we will review common psychological issues for this pandemic stage and give participants practical, evidence-based coping skills to help endure this global crisis. We will also ensure that HR professionals have the skills needed to protect their own mental health while continuing to support others. Participants will learn evidence-based practical skills to:

  • Appropriately support others
  • Have and assist leaders with sensitive conversations
  • Instilling hope for the future



Duration: 90 Minutes

Living in a pandemic is incredibly hard. So, it is not surprising that we are starting to feel fatigued as we have been living in this pandemic world for well over a year, and while there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it just does not feel like it is arriving fast enough. We will review common psychological issues for this pandemic stage and give participants practical coping skills to help endure this global crisis. We will also speak to the next stages of this pandemic, the future of work and the obstacles that come with it. Participants will learn evidence based practical skills to:

  • How to be a psychologically safe leader
  • Manage burnout from the pandemic
  • Support social connections among employees
  • Manage the future of work with hybrid working arrangements
  • How to build the skills needed to achieve the above


What our clients are saying about Howatt HR.

Dr. Bill Howatt's leadership session on building psychologically safe workplaces was extremely well-received by our audience of Ontario Public Service leaders. It had the largest attendance to date for our mental health speakers series. Dr. Howatt's dynamic presentation style engaged participants throughout the session, and those in attendance said it helped them to better understand their pivotal role in fostering psychological health and safety among their own teams.

Kristen DelormeAssistant Deputy Minister, OPS

Great session!! Bill what you presented truly resonated with the people managers and will equip them with some tools so they can focus on their mental fitness plan while enabling their teams. A big thank you to you from us for the presentation and Q&A segment today. Everything went off without a hitch, on schedule, and everyone loved the material and the conversation. Thank you for your support through the engagement, planning and delivery of this very important topic!

Puru PanchProgram Director, Global Cyber Security, Strategic Delivery, RBC