Coming Soon: Official Launch of the Mental Fitness Lab – March, 2021

Pre-Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Solution

To prevent risk for mental harm and mental health our research has demonstrated that mental fitness promotes resiliency and mental health. Employees with higher mental fitness are less likely to experience workplace challenges, more likely to have higher positive employee experience and levels of productivity and job satisfaction.

Pre-EFAP solutions are designed for prevention and promotion of mental health. Like physical health, to positively impact mental health requires intention. Before COVID-19 one in five of us had a mental health concern. This number most likely has increased.

Regardless, 100% of us are challenged to manage our mental health daily. It is common to join a fitness center to get access to equipment that supports physical health. The MFL membership is similar as it is designed to provide you with tools and supports that when applied can help to promote mental health. Building or maintaining mental health requires commitment and intention; there are no shortcuts or B-12 Vitamin shots. 

There is no goal line; mental fitness is a lifelong pursuit, no different than physical health.

Our vision for MFL is to provide employees and leaders access to high-quality content designed to support and promote mental health and reduce mental harm. If you are a leader there may be nothing better you can do for your direct reports than to take care of your own mental health first.

  • A resource room dedicated to promoting mental health.

  • Content and suggestions are provided by leading subject matter experts in workplace mental health.

  • Designed to support personal mental fitness plans.

  • An excellent resource to support employees engaged in Howatt HR Mental Fitness Journey.

  • Provides leaders with tools to support employees’ mental health in the workplace.

  • MFL is dynamic there will be new content and features added on regular basis.

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What you will find in the Mental Fitness Lab


Over 30 mental fitness webinars featuring Dr. Bill Howatt, known internationally as a leading expert in workplace mental health.


A range of e-books authored by Dr. Bill Howatt that support mental fitness and support leaders to become psychologically safe leaders

Online Support Tools

Over 20 online confidential self-discovery and self-assessment tools on topics that support mental fitness and serve as tools for leaders


Dr. Bill Howatt’s video blogs

Ask questions

A form to submit questions/observations to the Howatt Team


A place to review some of the most common questions about using and leveraging the MFL and the benefits it offers

Positively impacting mental health begins with self-awareness. I believe the average person will be quite surprised by how little they need to do daily with intention to positively impact their mental health.

Dr. Bill Howatt, Ph.D, Ed.DPresident & Founder, Howatt HR