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Listening Tour

Understanding the
Employee Experience

Capturing your employees’ voice enables you to understand their workplace experience and identify gaps between stated values and practices and existing norms or “lived culture.”

A listening tour allows your staff and leaders to express their ideas, concerns, and perspectives with authenticity and without fear of social or workplace consequences. One of the Howatt HR team members facilitates the listening tour where we capture data and assess it using qualitative analysis. This enables us to share the findings and key themes that emerged through the discussions.

How It Works

Employees and leaders participate in interviews or focus groups facilitated by our Howatt HR team. The data is captured anonymously and assessed using qualitative analysis, enabling us to share key themes that emerged throughout the conversations.

The Howatt HR team conducts one-on-one interviews with Senior Leaders and/or People Leaders

We facilitate focus groups with Employees

We conduct qualitative analysis and identify key themes from the interviews and focus groups

We prepare a listening tour report for your organization

We share the results with you and provide recommended actions

The Listening Tour Report includes information on:

  • Key takeaways, strengths, and opportunities
  • An overview of the organization’s “lived culture”
  • Cultural stabilizers and inhibitors, with supporting evidence
  • Value gap assessment
  • Recommendations for improvement

Looking for more information?

If you want more information about having Howatt HR conduct a listening tour in your organization, please contact us at Pricing is based on the size of your organization and the number of interviews and focus groups that will be required to achieve meaningful information.

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