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Leadership Development

Looking for high-quality training to help prepare your leaders? Build a team of trusted leaders with the knowledge and skills that facilitate psychologically safe and inclusive leadership.

Organizations invest billions of dollars yearly in leadership development, focusing on employee retention. However…


of employees quit their roles because they do not feel appreciated by their managers.

We assist leaders in moving away from a traditional command-and-control management style to becoming trusted leaders with the knowledge and skills that facilitate psychologically safe and inclusive leadership. 

Howatt HR has delivered leadership training to federal, provincial, state, and municipal governments and public and private organizations in a wide variety of industries, including banking, manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications, health care, sales, and first responders.

A Practical Approach

Howatt HR believes new leadership theories and information must lead to habits that positively impact the employee experience. We ensure leaders get the right information, focus on habit development, and correct the forgetting curve. The adage “use it or lose it” is critical for employers to keep top of mind to ensure they do not waste dollars.

Rather than focusing on a check-the-box approach, we encourage leadership programs that promote knowledge, skills, and habit development. Meaningful results require leaders to be clear on employers’ expectations for learning and adopt measures such as measurement that facilitate accountability. 

We encourage organizations to get a baseline on their leadership effectiveness before we begin leadership training. This can be done by leveraging available employer data or having Howatt HR obtain it through online, confidential surveys, focus groups, or interviews. Data reveals how leaders’ key performance behaviours impact the employee experience, retention, attendance, and productivity. Leaders are a protective factor that can positively impact the employee.

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Keynotes with Dr. Bill Howatt

Dr. Howatt is a highly regarded speaker with deep expertise in leadership development and psychologically safe leadership. Organizations can review Dr. Howatt’s current talks at or work with him to customize a talk to meet their needs.

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Leadership micro-training

We offer a variety of short webinar training ranging from 30 to 90 minutes on various topics, including self-care for leaders, burnout, performance management, conflict resolution and introduction to psychologically safe leadership. We also can design and customize mirco-training.

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Coaching for leaders

We provide frontline, middle, and senior leadership coaching through our strategic partnership with Vision Coaching, where Dr. Bill Howatt is the Chief of Learning and has been involved in developing the current coaching model. We also provide leadership assessment options and triangle coaching options within a coaching assignment. Coaching engagements typically run six months, however, can be modified to meet client needs. Four common reasons leaders typically get assigned a coach: to close a competency gap, to support to achieve an objective, trusted advisor, or to deal with a work-related challenge. All coaches are certified with membership in good standing with the International Coaching Federation. Dr. Howatt is personally available only to coach senior executives and CEOs. To learn more about coaching the first step is to set up a meeting to discuss how to leverage one-on-one coaching to develop your leaders.

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Self-Study: Trusted Leadership Bundle

This offering uses a train-the-trainer model that prepares in-house trainers to facilitate the trusted leadership bundle. Trainers get a 90-minute curriculum and materials to kick off the Trusted Leadership Bundle, setting the expectation for habit development and assigning leaders accountability partners. The goal is for leaders to develop foundational, daily, and on-demand habits to maximize the employee experience and move them towards becoming trusted leaders.

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Psychologically Safe Leaders - Mental Health in the Workplace Consultants

Live training: Safe & Strong Certificate

This in-person training facilitates a train-the-trainer model. Trainers are prepared to deliver six four-hour courses focused on supporting leaders to become psychologically safe leaders. Dr. Bill Howatt teaches each of the six courses once to a group of 25 leaders, which the organization may record. Dr. Howatt will then observe and co-teach a group of 25 leaders with the internally assigned trainer to prepare them to deliver each of the six courses. The organization is provided access to the course PowerPoint, handouts, training support tools (e.g., infographics), and certificates that can be co-branded. This model is sold with a 24-month site license.

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Online on-demand training

Howatt HR has created two senate-approved certificates in partnership with the University of New Brunswick. Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership includes three micro-courses. Certificate in Management Essentials is a 10-course professional management certificate. More information on these two certificates can be found online. For more insights on these two certificates or to discuss bulk purchases, email us

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Psychological Safety Tune-Up for Leadership Team

We support teams in conflict or seeking to maximize their potential. The first step is booking an appointment to outline your needs and expectations. From there, we provide recommendations and an approach to meet your needs.

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