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Workplace Psychological Safety Assessment (WPSA)

1 in 5 Canadians have symptoms of depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

This has a huge impact on productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. Gaining a baseline understanding of your employee’s experience and engagement in the workplace is key to choosing the best way forward to support their mental well-being. Our Workplace Psychological Safety Assessment provides behavioral based data drawn from measures of diversity, inclusion, psychological safety, and more.

The Workplace Psychological Safety Assessment (WPSA) is an evidence-based, confidential assessment tool designed to provide employers with an understanding of their employee’s current workplace experience through a psychological safety and inclusion lens. It also provides employees with personal insights on improving their experience and mental health within the workplace context.

Impact for Employees


Each team member gets a report designed to empower them to invest in their own mental fitness.

Practical plan of action

Outlines practical, evidence-based, suggestions to improve on their current, individual, workplace experience.

Impact for Employers

Accurate assessment of workplace

Yields an aggregated measure of your team’s current workplace experience to inform decisions about improving workplace experience.

Employee insights

Offers insights into patterns of employee experience across the employee base worthy of further exploration.

Learn more about how our Workplace Psychological Safety Assessments can benefit your business.