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Promote mental health within your organization with the support of Howatt HR.

Howatt HR supports organizations in facilitating psychological health and safety, through the development of the competencies of PHS specialists, leaders, and employees.

One of the most important factors that predict an employee’s psychological safety in the workplace is the quality of their relationship with their manager.

This product focuses on providing leaders core competencies to be a psychologically safe leader. To obtain a basic introduction, review our Psychological Safe Leader Playbook.

Key Products


Our courses are designed to support the leader to develop their core competencies to be a psychologically safe leader.

Note: the length of the program can vary from 90 minutes to three hours.

Below are some examples.

  • Psychologically Safe leader.
  • Respectful workplace 101 & 102
  • Psych safety 101
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communications
  • Influencing and collaboration
  • Introduction to psychological health and safety
  • Supporting employees to cope with grief
  • Supporting employees to cope with suicidal ideation
  • Supporting employees in crisis

Note: Howatt HR’s academic partner for psychological health and safety is the University of New Brunswick. See the senate approved three short courses for the Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership (CPSL).

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