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Workplace Interventions

Management and prevention
of workplace violence

The wrong time to prepare for a crisis is when you’re in one, ignoring the risk for workplace violence does little to prevent it. The more employers prepare to address workplace violence proactively, the less they will be at risk for violence against employees, contractors and customers. We’ll help you make a plan so no one is caught off guard.

Dollars lost annually per employee due to workplace bullying or violence

Estimates are that workplace incivility has doubled over the past two decades and on average costs companies nearly CAD $20,000 per employee annually because of loss of production and work time.

Some of the benefits of having a clear program in place to deal with workplace violence includes:

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Better functioning teams

  • Decreased risk for turnover

  • Increased productivity

  • Decreased risk for disability

  • Decreased lost time due to presenteeism driven by fear

Our Bespoke Approach

Rapid evaluation to determine scope of work


Update system and prepare for new program roll-out


Implementation and evaluation


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