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Psychologically Safe Leadership Training

Looking for high-quality training to help prepare your leaders? We have partnered with The University of New Brunswick to bring you self-paced online courses

Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership (CPSL)


At a time when mental health issues in the workplace are on the rise, and the associated costs are skyrocketing, the need for psychologically safe leaders, and a psychologically safe workplace is paramount.

In this space, the psychologically safe leader seeks to provide a space where silence and fear are removed—allowing employees to feel safe, seen, and importantly, heard. The leader plays an important role in reducing mental risks and harm.

About the program

The Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership (CPSL) is a self paced, online three-course program that has been designed to equip leaders with the skills and insight needed to identify mental risks and reduce mental harms in the workplace. To be clear, this is not about counselling an at-risk employee, it is about creating an atmosphere where mental health is supported, leading to reduction in lost time, improved productivity, and more.

This program is engaging, incorporating a wide variety of relevant articles, white papers, assessments, video lectures, and more.

Who is this program for?

Individuals in any industry, with responsibility for direct reports, will benefit from this program. The Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership is also suitable for emerging leaders, HR professionals, and executives.

What will I learn?

Upon successful completion, you will:

  • Have the foundational knowledge and practical skills required to be a psychologically safe leader in the workplace
  • Understand how to create a psychologically safe workplace
  • Gain comprehension of interpersonal skills and the behaviours that rely on those skills
  • Be able to create a personal psychological safety action plan

Certificate in Management Essentials

Invest in your career. Invest in YOU.

The Online Certificate in Management Essentials (CME) provides you with the skills you need to be the best supervisor or manager you can be. This program is completely online and self-paced so you can stay competitive regardless of your location and schedule. Designed by subject matter experts, the curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the University Senate.

If you already have some management skills, you can customize this program to focus on your skills and knowledge gaps by taking individual courses instead of the entire certificate.

Why CME?

Today’s employers want team members who are good at their jobs, and that means you. But a lack of necessary skills or experience may cause them to look elsewhere. UNB’s CME program can help give you the skills you need to manage effectively and provide you with a competitive edge.

Keynotes from Dr. Bill Howatt

For additional information on Dr. Bill Howatt’s speaking opportunities and most recent mental fitness books, please go to, or visit UNB and MFIQ for further courses and training.

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